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Suggested After Care


Not only does Leap of Faith Tattoo and Body Piercing set the standard for the Prescott Quad-City, we exceed every standard set for the Tattoo and Body Piercing industry.  Our instruments are sterilized on site in a Pelton Crane Autoclave.  We subscribe to a Biological Monitoring Service every month for our autoclave and have passed every test to date since we opened our doors in 2000.

All needles, inks and set up materials are single use items that are disposed of immediately following every procedure.  All our work surfaces are made of non-porous materials which are cleaned with Madicide or Cavicide (cold sterilant) after every procedure to ensure the safety of our clients and employees.

Tattoo After Care

1. Remove bandage after 1 hour.  Do NOT re-bandage!

2. Gently wash your tattoo with warm water and a mild antibacterial/antimicrobial soap. 

3. Lightly towel dry.

4. Starting the day after receiving your new tattoo, apply a thin layer of dye/fragrance free lotion 3 to 4 time a day.

  • Always wash your hands prior to touching your new tattoo.
  • Your tattoo will heal like a sun burn, it may get itchy and flakey.  Never pick or scratch at you tattoo. 
  • No soaking, sunning, or swimming until your tattoo is fully healed (about 10 days).
  • Use 45spf or higher sun block when exposed to the sun (after fully healed).
  • No two people heal the same, any questions ASK YOUR ATRIST!
  • Fragrance free lotion is available for purchase.

Piercing After Care

Sea Salt Soaks and Rinses:

Leap of Faith Tattoo and Body Piercing strongly recommends the use of H2Ocean piercing aftercare to help aid in the healing of your new Body piercing.  H2Ocean is available for purchase.

Sea Salt Soaks:

Dissolve a 1/4 tbl spoon (a pinch) of non iodized sea salt to one cup (8oz) of warm distilled or bottled water.  Clean piercing according to your piercers instructions.

Mouth Wash:

An alcohol free antimicrobial mouth rinse should be used according to package instructions on all oral piercings.  H2Ocean non alcoholic mouth wash is available for purchase.

Facial/Body Piercing:

A mild liquid antimicrobial/germicidal medicated soap should be used to clean your piercing along with sea salt soaks.  Clean according to your piercers instructions.  Antimicrobial Soaps are available for purchase.

Do not touch the body piercing or rotate jewelry during the healing period.

Do not take it out.  Body piercings may take many months to completely heal.  Changing or removing jewelry should be avoided  during this time.

Do not let the body piercing come in contact with another person's bodily fluids.

Never use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because they may damge healthy cells and cause scar tissue.

Products that contain petroleum are not recomended as it may collect and promote the groth of bacteria.

Avoid hot tubs and public pools until the piercing is completely healed.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco and spicy foods with a new oral piercing.

Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, oils and lotions.

Tight fitting clothes may irritate a new piercing.

  • Feel free to call (928)541-1180 or stop by with any questions, do not listen to your friends!
  • An over the counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprophen (Advil) taken according to package instructions can reduce discomfort and swelling during the first few days.
  • Keep following the aftercare procedures durring the entire healing time, even if you think your piercing has healed sooner.
  • you may stop in any time during the initial healing period to have your piercing checked and cleaned at no charge.


These and any other guidelines received at Leap of Faith Tattoo and Body Piercing are based on a combination of vast professional experience, common sense, research and extensive clinical practice.  This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor.  Be aware however that many doctors and dentists have no specific training or experience regarding piercing and may not be educated on how best to assist you.  If you do get an infection, the jewelry should be left in so the discharge can drain.  If the jewelry is removed the hole Can close up resulting in an abscess.  ALWAYS contact your piercer if anything seems abnormal or if you have any questions.